Novels by Velina Minkova and Alek Popov were translated into Persian language

Novels by Velina Minkova and Alek Popov were translated into Persian language

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Iranian translator Farid Ghadami announced the completion of the translation of two novels by contemporary Bulgarian authors, entitled “The Red and Blue Report of the Green Amoeba” by Velina Minkoff and “Mission London” by Alek Popov

Mohammad Asiabani

This article was published on January 4, 2021 on the website of the Iranian agency “Mehr” and was reprinted here with minor changes.

Farid Ghadami announced that he has completed the translation of two novels by contemporary Bulgarian writers.

One of these novels The Red and Blue Report of the Green Amoeba was written by Velina Minkoff. The book was published in French under the title The Great Leader Must Come to See Us. Ghadami points out that the novel depicts the face of communist Bulgaria and North Korea before the collapse of the Soviet Union, a painting that is rare in contemporary literature and art. This captivating novel will be published by Hirmand publishing house.

Alek Popov’s other novel, Mission London, is to be published by Noon publishing house. Mission London is one of the most famous Bulgarian novels of the 21st century. It has been translated into several languages, and its unique humor makes it one of the most popular novels in Europe, Gadami recalls. The novel about stories from the life of the Bulgarian embassy in London is the basis of a film that is the most watched film in Bulgaria after the fall of socialism.

Both novels received permission from copyright holders to be published in Iran. Now they are about to get permission to be printed, after which they will be able to reach readers in the country.

The Iranian public is familiar with Farid Ghadami, with his novels and critical works, as well as with his translations of literary works of the American Beat generation, the literature of the Palestinian resistance, and the masterpiece of James Joyce’s Odyssey. In the last two years, the translator has been very interested in Bulgaria and introduced Iranians to Bulgarian literature.

His first step in translating Bulgarian literature into Persian was the publication in Iran of Motor Songs – a collection of poems by the Bulgarian national poet Nikola Vaptsarov, and then took another step in this direction by translating and publishing a collection of short stories in contemporary Bulgarian writers called After Communism. He also translated the book “The hen with the patched eye” by the Bulgarian poet Virginia Zaharieva.

Ghadami also published in Persian the novel The Commune of The Dead or An Elegy to Sofia’s Bloody Shirt. He was inspired by his stay in Bulgaria in the summer of 2019. Iranian readers, who were acquainted with Bulgaria and its literature through Gadami’s translations, can soon wait for the novels of Velina Minkoff and Alek Popov to appear in Persian bookstores.

The fact that Ghadami has followers shouldn’t surprise. As another translator of contemporary Bulgarian literature in Persian – Sarah Mohammadi, said in an interview with the blog “Persian Bridge of Friendship” good Iranian translators make a name for themselves and are a guarantee of the quality of their translated literature, so their translations have loyal readers.

Photo: Velina Minkoff, Farid Gadami (center) and Alek Popov (left) (source: Mehr Agency)

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