The role of tradition in the Iranian novel Savushun

The role of tradition in the Iranian novel Savushun

Siavush passes through the fire mountain (source: Public domain)

The references towards the Iranian mythology and the Shiite branch of Islam allow that Western ideas are put in the Iranian cultural context and to be accepted by Iranians

Vladimir Mitev

On 28 may 2021 at the conference of the Ph.D. candidates and non-habilitated professors at the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philologies at the University of Sofia Vladimir Mitev presented his study on “The role of the Iranian and traditional in the novel “Savushun”” by Simin Daneshvar.

Vladimir Mitev explained that the novel uses idea from the second wave of feminism and other Western literary concepts, but plants them on Iranian soil and connects them with the Shiite tradition and the Iranian mythology. That is how a few goals are achieved. On one hand, Iranians perceive the new ideas as their own, which allows for the evolution of the Iranian society and reform of its thought. On the other hand, the novel is translated into almost 20 languages, which means that it is also a bridge in the other direction – it speaks to the world about the Iranian culture and traditions. Thirdly, we understand the reaction of the Iranian society to foreign occupation (the British army occupied Southern Iran during World War Two) namely through the tension between Iranian and foreign.

Watch the whole presentation here with English subtitles:

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