Woman, life, freedom

Woman, life, freedom

The Iranian writer Rana Soleimani at the Pen International Congress in Uppsala (source: Rana Soleimani)

Rana Soleimani

A text written within the Pen International Congress – Uppsala, Sweden from 27th September – 1 October 2022.

One of our most important roles for writing and literature is achieving mutual understanding and common sense between humans. Literature describes the glory of humanity and salvation and ultimately to build a transcendent society.

We, Iranians, who are living in bitter and dark ages, have been trapped and captured by the scary hands of Zahak (Iranian king who has snake on his shoulder like medusa in her hair), who is killing our sons and daughters one by one, who has taken them in his blood-drenching claws, and they will be the prey of zahak and his snakes.

I am sad and tearful, but It is crystal clear to me that the end of the night is dawn and light.

And these cut hairs in my hands belong to our tribe of sympathizers including the most nobels and honorable people in the world, who are indeed the owners of the pen and the trustees of the words for humanity. This cut hair is indeed the sorrow of the people of the world, for Mahsa Amini, for Hananeh, for the people of Iran.

My grandmother used to say that if a woman cut her hair, she would be free from grief. And now day and night, in dream and reality I see a woman’s hair has been cut and this means that we will soon be freed from pain and suffering.

Long live Iran, the land of seven thousand years of civilization and culture.

Photo: A Canadian protest in solidarity with the women in Iran (source: YouTube)

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